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The benefits of joining our online community and free directory of Latin American/Hispanic artists and arts administrators living in Canada include:

  1. Exposure among the general public, HCACA’s patrons, arts programmers and curators across Canada and internationally

  2. Networking opportunities and peer support among the Latin American/Hispanic artistic community in Ontario and across Canada

  3. Increased work opportunities through the HCACA, other artists within the network and arts organizations across the country

  4. The opportunity to share and collaborate with those from similar backgrounds and experiences 

  5. Contribution towards placing Latin American/Hispanic artists at the forefront of Canada’s artistic and cultural life

  6. Increase your social media exposure through the HCACA’s networks

Joining is easy, just follow the prompts and tell us a little bit more about your artistic practice, how to contact you and where you are located.

Let’s first get to know you!

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